Tuesday, March 25, 2008

That's a Frap!

A Frappuccino that is. I used 2 scallop circles, and a 1-3/8" circle to cover the lid. No painting! I added a flower rub-on and a brad to the lid too. I then wrapped the bottle with a piece of scrap paper and added a few more rub-ons. I love how the green rub-on on the scallop circle was a perfect fit! I used a few dimensionals to pop up the big white scallop circle. Of course - those are mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

1 comment:

Desirée said...

Ack - I need to enlist a friend to drink some Frappucino for me so I can try out one of these bottles! (I don't like coffee or coffee related beverages :D )