Saturday, September 6, 2008

Too pretty to light.

I've been working on projects for some craft fairs that are coming up quickly. Here are a few of the candles that I will have available...

The candles on the left are made with Stampin' Up! Rub-ons. So quick and easy! The candle in the middle and to the right are stamped with Stampin' Up! images.

I used a retired coffee stamp set on the candle in the middle. The scent is toffee (I think). But see how the color drips down the candle? Well, that was a mistake - but I love it! The whole candle was the color of the top. But I have discovered that when you melt colored candles the color runs - quickly! So unless you are going for the drip effect, I would stick with white or cream colored candles.

So obviously the Rub-ons are simple enough to do. The hardest part about the Rub-ons is deciding where to lay the images.

To make the images on the candles... you aren't actually stamping on the candle. You stamp on a strip of tissue paper! Then you can color in you image with markers. You then use a heat tool to melt the tissue paper right onto the candle. So fun!

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Michele Turner said...

Hi Andrea!
Are these candles safe to burn considering they will contain tissue paper after? They are beautiful and I can't wait to make some - just need to know if they really are "too pretty to light".
Thanks, Michele