Thursday, November 13, 2008

Craft fair sighting...

Here is a picture of me at the Thursday craft fair. We were worried about the chocolate melting, but as you can see from my jacket - it turned out to be a rather cool day!

A quick list of what we had:
Stamped Canvas bags
Kids Color Me cards
Husband's 6-Pack
Stamped Candles
Hershey's Nuggets Tins
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups in Tall Tins
Power of M&M's poem with box of M&M's
Whisk you a Merry Christmas/Happy Thanksgiving
Stamped Coasters
Stamped Glass Ornaments
Birthday Bowls
Post-it Note Keychains
Water Bottle Tags
Various Scrapbooks/Bragbooks
Christmas list notebooks (I'll post these later on)
Christmas Fudge
Coffee Mugs
Stamped Travel Mugs
Stamped Glass Jars
Dog bone gifts
Reindeer Food
Thanksgiving Nuts
and of course Retired Stampin' Up! sets and ink.

I came home with a lot of stuff on Thursday, did a little better on Saturday. Sold some more stuff at Hostess group on Monday. And now Suz has some stuff at her school to sell for Secret Santa items. I have one more fair on December 7th. I don't think I am going to make anything new for that one. I don't know where I'm going to put all the stuff I currently have!
I think that next year, I need to prepare some reminder signs. One's to jog their memory about who the might need a simple gift for - Need a quick gift? Teacher? Co-worker? Don't forget your Secret Santa. Stocking Stuffers!

My Dad loaned me a tent for Thursday because we were outside. Well, he gave me his business tent! So here we were with all of our Stampin' Up! goods under a giant blue tent that says "Golf Channel Tour". We had many male visitors, but as soon as they realized it was a trap - they took off!

The highlight of Saturday is when 2 ladies visited our table. They were admiring our goodies, but then realized what some of the goods were in. Longaberger baskets! Not just any Longaberger baskets though. These were like gold! Oh, my dear friend Suz listened to these 2 ladies go on an on about how much they were worth because they were two toned, had the stamp on the bottom, and had the metal labels! My friend Staci and I giggled. It felt like we were being filmed on the Antique Roadshow! 1986 authentic Longaberger baskets! Oh my word, why is this out in the open? It was rather amusing. So Suz, did you check out how much they are worth? :)


Melissa Sauls said...

OMG ROFL @ golf tent and having men stop by to only be tricked!!! Should have tricked them into buying something for their wives! :)

Andrea said...

We tried to sell them the Husband's 6-pack, but I think they were too disappointed by that point to even care what we had to offer! :)

Tracy said...

Did you get any leads? I am doing a craft show in Dec.... and my main goal is to meet some potential customers. If I can sell some stuff (which I am going to use your list for more ideas!), then that's a plus. :)

Andrea said...

I did get several names added to my email list. I had a raffle for a retired Simply Sent kit to generate those! I also met a few ladies who's current demo is getting out. One in particular that is super excited about SAB! Can't wait to see what that turns into!

Kathy said...

Looks like you had a great spread! I hope it's all worth you while. Your projects look really cute.