Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hannah will be here soon!

Not much time for crafting these days. I've been MIA because we have been preparing for baby Hannah. There is a very real chance that she could be here this weekend!
I am so very excited to meet my baby girl, but so very scared too! We have been praying for her health and safe delivery. Last Friday we received some test results that caused some concern and decided to induce labor to help protect her and myself. So, if you would... please say a little prayer for us.


Michele said...

Prayers said. Looking forward to hearing about your bundle of joy.

Valerie Durham said...

We can't wait for little Hannah to be born! Right now I'm waiting for my nephew to be born....momma was induced this morning and is still not getting very far, so it seems like an eternity will pass before little Gage will get here! Our prayers will go out for you, also.

Andrea said...

Thanks ladies! Best of luck to you and your nephew, Valerie. I have a nephew named Gage too! I was induced with both of my boys and I loved it!! My first took about 8 hours, but my second only took 2 hours! We'll see how Ms Hannah plays this game.