Monday, July 6, 2009

Deal of the Week Q&A

Now through July 31, 2009 you can take advantage of the Stampin' Up! Deal of the Week!
The current Deal of the Week is only valid for 1 week. A new deal will be posted on my online website every Monday at 10:00 am (MT).
If you have visited my the Stampin' Up! website to view the Deal of the Week special you may notice that the price listed is different than the price advertised.

This is because in order to receive the special (Preferred) price of $49.99 you must select me as your demonstrator! So you must Login first.

After you Login... you will see the demonstrator you have selected. But the price will still show the same price as before.

Add the item(s) to your cart to view the special (Preferred) price! You can delete it from your cart at any time if you change your mind.

This scenario is the same for any purchase you wish to make on my online website. Just be sure you select me as your demonstrator, and you will receive the same pricing as the catalog or advertised special!

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know!

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