Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hostess Time!

No, I don't mean Hostess snack cakes (although they do sound really good). I mean Hostess Club time!
Here’s how it works:I will give you a Stampin’ Up! Idea Book & Catalog for FREE (retail value is $9.95) and you agree to place a minimum order every other month until everyone in the group has been the “hostess”.
With 5 people in the club*, you will be the “hostess” once during our 5 meetings. When it’s your month to be “hostess,” you earn hostess benefits starting at $150 in sales – so when each of the 5 people places a $30 order, that month’s hostess will earn at least $15 of free merchandise AND a hostess set! The amount of free merchandise goes up if the total workshop amount goes up!
Just think . . . you can earn hostess benefits just by spending $30 every other month!

I will create a club once I have 5 or more interested people! Every meeting, participants will meet at my home to make projects and place orders, or you can email or phone your order in by the 15th of each month….

It’s that simple!Please contact Andrea Mason to join a club today!(623) 261-9613

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