Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Candle experiment

I have had several questions regarding stamped candles and whether or not they are safe to burn. To be honest, I've never lit one. So I decided to find out for you...

I placed the candle on a glass plate to protect my table, and then lit the candle.

After a few minutes, I could see that the candle burns inward. Meaning that the wax pooled in the center rather than running down the sides.

Then I got impatient waiting for it to burn! So I took the flame to the spot that we wanted to test - the tissue paper.

No fire! It did discolor the tissue a little bit - but I would have no worries about burning these stamped candles.

Hope this helps you and your decision about burning your pretty stamped candles! Especially the candles that burn inward.


sooze66 said...

Nice experiment, a true scientist doesn't rush!
i'm back in town - when are we playing?

Michele said...

You're the best! You really went above and beyond with the experiment. Thanks for sharing.

thescrapmaster said...

What beautiful candles! I wouldn't burn them, they would stay decor forever :)

Great to have you in group 5 blogger buddy!