Thursday, October 30, 2008

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So my crafty friend Suz asked me if you could stamp on a wipe-off board. Uh... I know you can do glossy tiles, but I dunno about wipe-off boards. So... I had to try!
Here are my results!
So yes, you can stamp on wipe-off boards. I used the Inspired by Nature set and used craft ink. I then heat set it with my heat gun.
However, you cannot write over the images with your wipe-off marker and expect the ink to come off of the image! Grr... There's got to be a way to get the marker off but I've tried everything... Crystal Effects, Clear Gloss, Thick Enamel, I even tried embossing it! No luck. So I guess if I make these for the fair or to give away, I will have to put a little disclaimer saying, "to preserve the beautiful image, please don't write over the image" I don't like to do that - but what other options are there? Hmm... maybe not to make them?! Ha ha


Melissa Sauls said...

Oh so cool!! I'm definitely going to try this myself! Looks beautiful.

katiesniche said...

What a great wipe board!! And I love that set, it's on my wish list ;)
I look forward to Blogger #5!!

Anonymous said...

That looks pretty! I was thinking about the ink issue you're having. I'm wondering if you could mask off the part that's mean to be written on and apply clear coat? I would be smoother than something like Crystal Effects (or even EP) and I'm pretty sure the dry erase marker wouldn't stick to it. You might want to try it. It could mean that the lower right corner is not usable, but it would preserve it. ::shrug:: That's about the only thing I can think of that you haven't tried yet!


Burninrubber said...

Very cool! I love the inspiration I get from everyone's blogs - will have to try this one!

Amy J

thescrapmaster said...

Very pretty. I love this idea! Gotta get a white board :)