Friday, May 15, 2009

Hannah at 31 weeks!

Here is baby Hannah at 31 weeks! That would be her foot pressed up against her face!
She was practicing her yoga poses. In another pose she had the back of her hand up against her forehead - think Southern Belle! She has my nose and little indentation above her top lip.
Here she is actually smiling!

The measurements taken support my theory that she will be here before the 17th! She is estimated to be 4 lbs 4 oz - which is about a pound bigger than where she should be at 31 weeks. Her overall body measurement is showing a gestational age of 34 weeks!

I guess time will tell!


Valerie Durham said...

Wow, look at that face! How exciting! I know you can't wait. I am certain Hannah will be a doll, too!

katiesniche said...

The card and page you did this week were great, but I had to post to the u/s pic! Isn't technology amazing! I love these pics.

carolyn mcdonell said...

she looks like she is grinning in the bottom pic.