Thursday, July 10, 2008

I have an excuse!

No, not really. I've just not posted in a few days. Bad blogger, I know! But I do have some pictures to share with you!
I finally hung my Decor Elements canvas! Woo hoo! I used a chocolate satin, and an ivory satin ribbon around both ends of the canvas, and then a chocolate piece to hang the canvas on the wall. I love it!

And here is the other project I have been working on for the past couple of days... I painted the boys' bathroom an olive green color! Maybe it's more avocado green. I actually like it! I was a little scared at first - because I'm a tan and brown kind of girl - but once I got it up on the wall, it quickly grew on me! The boys say it's Army green. We'll see what they call it once I get it finished.

So I'm sure you are wondering why I am showing you a picture of the bathroom. Well, I wanted to paint the bathroom so that I could put the Manhattan Flowers Decor Elements in there! I need to let the paint set for a little bit longer, and then I can apply the flowers - so check back later this week! I'll be shopping this weekend for the shower curtain and rugs. If you happen to see a great deal on a striped, or plaid shower curtain with tan, and olive in it - let me know! :)


sooze66 said...

whose bathroom is that?

Andrea said...

It's the hall bath!