Sunday, September 30, 2007


Specialty Bottle Tins!

Yummy! Here are a few of the finished nugget tins that I worked on Friday night. And yes, there is still some chocolate left over to make more tins later on!

I used the hinged tins and a couple of the square tins. The hinged tins have either dark chocolate, toffee with almonds, milk chocolate, or almond Hershey's nuggets in them. The square tins have either Hershey's Kisses or York Peppermint Patties in them. Now the challenge will be to get them all in the tins before the rest disappear!

I have a few tea tins to try out sometime this week too!

By the way... I CASED the square tins from Laura at Whirlpool of Imagination


laos348 said...

Your tins came out fantastic - love them!

Robyn said...

Very cute!! Now I need to go and order some of these for myself. What a great Christmas gift!!

sooze66 said...

I love them!!!!!! Of course, I may be partial!