Thursday, September 27, 2007


Remember when you were little and on Christmas Eve there would be "Special Reports" on the TV tracking Santa? Wondering how he traveled so far, so fast? I think UPS studied these "Special Reports" and modeled their shipping business after it.

Check out my Stampin' Up application's journey:

Scottsdale, AZ at 12:18 pm
Arrived in Tempe, AZ at 4:37, departing at 7:00 pm
Arrived in Phoenix, AZ at 7:29, departing at 10:02 pm
Arriving in Ontario, CA at 11:00 pm, departing at 2:07 am
Arriving in Salt Lake City, UT at 4:33 am
Out for delivery at 6:30 am

Isn't it amazing how much gets done while you're sleeping?

From what I've read on another website is that most people get their demo numbers emailed to them as soon as it arrives at Stampin' Up offices. If that's the case - I should get my number by tomorrow morning!

My order from Specialty Bottle is out for delivery too. That should arrive tonight when I get home.

Can't wait to start crafting after work on Friday!

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Anonymous said...

CRAFT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!! I need to figure out what to start with first!!!!