Monday, February 18, 2008

Photo Coaster

This is a picture of my oldest son taking a jump on his quad. You're probably wondering how much I paid to have it put onto this coaster, right? Well let me tell you - it was less than $1 - and I did it myself. You can do it too!

Using a digital photo studio you need to change your picture to black and white. Adhere plain white tissue paper (the kind you stuff gift bags with) and secure it to a piece of regular printer paper using tape. Then print it! Simple enough.

Separate the tissue paper from the printer paper. Trim your tissue photo to fit the way you want onto your 4x4 unglazed tumbled tile. Then brush a light coat of Mod Podge directly onto the tile. Place the tissue photo onto the tile, starting with the middle. Remember - you are using thin tissue so be gentle as it will tear easily. Smooth the tissue to lay as flat as possible.

Then brush another coat of Mod Podge over the top of the tissue photo and allow to dry. Again - remember to be gentle!

The Mod Podge will give it a little protection, but if you plan on heavy use of these tiles, I recommend sealing it once more with a coat or two of polyacrilic clear spray.

From start to finish - about 30 minutes!

Let me know if you give these awesome gifts a try!


sooze66 said...

Is it too early to start on Christmas?????

Leanne said...

You Have Some Great Posts And Real Good Pictures Keep Them Up..