Friday, December 28, 2007

Fancy Gift Card Giving

Normally, I hate giving gift cards. That is until Mary Brown shed a new light onto the presentation of gift cards! Check out her gift card holder here: Here is a fun way to give a gift card and a little something extra for the recipient.

I found this cute wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby. I wrapped my Sister-in-law's scrapbook with it, and had a 12" x 24" piece left. Knowing that I probably wouldn't have any use for a scrap piece that size, I pondered on what to do with it. Then it hit me! I remembered the cute gift card that Mary Brown did. I happened to have a Giant Hershey candy bar (don't ask) and decided to give it a whirl! I also found a piece of Purely Pomegranate Satin ribbon in my stash.

Here are the step by step instructions so you can create your own!

Start with a piece of wrapping paper, or other paper and a candy bar. It doesn't have to be the Giant size, but is fun to give and to receive! Wrap the candy in the paper, leaving the ends open so you can see the silver foil on the candy bar.

Use the gift card as a template to cut a piece of cardstock about 1/2" wider on each side, and long enough to wrap around the gift card itself. Mine is 4 1/2" x 11". I then used my scoring blade to score the cardstock so that the paper would wrap around the card. I then used my Slit punch to cut 2 slits on the sides for the gift card to slide under - again using the gift card as a template to know where to punch. Note: you can make your holder using just the gift card, but I chose to leave the card in the original holder also.

Then take a piece of ribbon that is about 3 times the length of your candy bar. Slide it under your paper between the candy bar and the paper.

Then guide the ribbon through the Slit punches on the card holder.

Place your gift card into place under the Slit and over the ribbon.

Tie your ribbon, and then embellish the front of your card holder as desired. I added a 1 3/8" circle that I had left from making the party favors. I used my Snail adhesive on the back of the circle, and placed it 1/2 way on the top flap and 1/2 on the bottom to create a solid closure.

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