Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big news from Stampin' Up!

The current Spring/Summer 08 catalog will be in effect until August 10th! The new Fall/Winter 08 catalog will start on August 11th!

This is great news for all of us! Why? Remember a little over a month ago, when we were crazed during the holidays, and time seemed to slip away? Perhaps you missed out on some stamp sets or accessories that have retired. Well, with these new dates, we avoid the big holiday rush and can make better purchase decisions.

Stampin' Up! used to unveil the catalog at convention in July. They didn't do that this past year due to switching to 2 catalogs per year. They want to give that perk to demos back! So demos who attend convention in July will get the first look at the catalog. Then it will be released to our customers!

So, now instead of using this catalog until June 30th - you will get to use it until August 10th!

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