Saturday, January 12, 2008

Make your own dry erase board!

Cute, huh?

I got the idea from There are some very talented ladies on that site! Please note that the stamps used on these tiles are NOT from Stampin' Up!

I found some 4"x4" glossy tiles (like you would find in the kitchen or bathroom) at Home Depot. Guess what... they were only .12 each! The perfect price for trying out a new craft that you aren't sure will work.

I used my embossing buddy on the tile first, so that I wouldn't get a bunch of stray flakes of embossing powder. I got a few flakes - but not as many as I would have, had I not used the embossing buddy.

I then used craft ink (or a dye based ink) and stamped my image right onto the tile. The tile is a bit slippery - so be sure you hold the stamp steady. If you do smear it - like I did several times - just use a wipe or damp cloth to wipe away the ink and start over! Sweet!

After I stamped the image, I covered the image using black detail embossing powder. Knock off the excess and gently wipe away any stray flakes. Then heat emboss the tile. Carefull - the tile gets extremely HOT! Learned that one the hard way too! Let the tile cool before you move it.

That's it! Seriously, that's it! Now you have a cool dry erase board that you made all on your own! Just use a dry erase marker and your notes easily wipe off with a paper towel.

You can get these tiles in many different sizes. I chose this size because it is just a bit larger than a pad of Post-it notes - perfect size for a desk.

I tried a couple of times to color the image in using Sharpie markers but had no luck getting the color to stay on the tile after it was wiped. I will try a few more times to find the right sealer for it - but for now, I think these black and white tiles work well. If you are hard pressed about having color, you can always stamp your image in colored ink, and use a clear embossing powder. It will probably still only be 1 color, but could work very well for Valentine's, St. Patrick's, or Christmas boards.

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Jess~Kitty said...

I was searching online for "How to make your own dry erase board using tiles" & I stumbled across your blog. Your post gave me a starting point but I was wondering if there was anyway that you could give me, or direct me to some site that may have more detailed step-by-step instructions?
I'd really like to make some of these for friends & family. any help will be much appreciated!