Saturday, June 28, 2008


I think this has to be the easiest, and cheapest gift I have EVER made! OK, so it's a gift for me - but that's not to say I couldn't make more. In fact, I think I will make some of these for some craft fairs that are soon approaching! Just don't tell them my secrets, OK?! :o)

I found this More Mustard color apron at the Dollar Tree a while back. Now I'm kicking myself that I only picked up 1!! What was I thinking?

I wanted to stamp on it - but I wasn't sure what. So today, I just went with whatever grabbed me first. The Wanted stamp set jumped out and grabbed my arm! Just kidding. But it was the first one that caught my eye. I love this set! It is so versatile. Even if you don't like western/boho theme, there are so many options with this set.

I took my Chocolate Chip Craft Ink, and Elegant Eggplant Craft Ink and went to town randomly stamping on my apron. I love to stamp randomly. No one will know if you didn't mean to put that horse in that spot - nor will they know if you had a choice on where to put it. Just do it!

After I stamped my images, I used my heat gun on each area for a few seconds to heat set the images to the fabric. You could actually see the image shrink a little when it got hot! Kind of fun! Then I tossed the apron into the drier for 2 minutes to be sure the images were set. Done!

Seriously, who knew how cute a plain apron could be? Let me know if you try one!

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sooze66 said...

too cute! having crafting withdrawl here in the country - help!